Thu. Sep 24th, 2020

Forex Market Trading

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When it comes to Forex market trading there a hundreds if not thousands of e-books, manuals, seminars, books, etc on the subject floating around the internet. Most of them “teach” you the ins and outs of trading Forex. All claim to be the experts or course, selling this and that strategy, but do they really work? Do you really want to invest the time and money trying and testing each method to try and learn all there is to know about Forex market trading?

From experience, it’s no simple thing to learn Forex market trading. You can loose your money very quickly. In fact I recently read a statistic that said that 98% of investors loose money trading forex. So do the simple math and you have a 2% chance to make it happen for you and be successfully with Forex market trading. If you are a newbie to Forex, that number can be pretty frightening. Who really wants to enter a business making concept with a 98% failure rate? Yet we all heard of someone who is making money trading forex. Take a look at the hundreds and hundreds of ads promoting Forex. It’s got to profitable right? Well…..yes if you know what you are doing, or better yet if you know someone else who knows what they are doing and you can follow them.

Isn’t that how just about all money is made online? Someone comes up with an idea, he or she shares that idea with others and if they follow it they can make money too?

Well that’s the same thing with Forex market trading. You need to find someone or better yet find a system that literally automates everything for you. A system that you don’t need to learn all there is to know about Forex market trading. I for one don’t want to know all that stuff. All I need to know is when to buy and when to sell. Isn’t that what it all comes down to? Who cares if you know all that fancy stuff about Forex. I’d rather no very little and make a boat load of money, than be a “guru” and be broke.

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