Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

Marketing Goals for Your Business and for Free

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Free marketing strategies are not just a BandAid until you can get paid ads. If you implement free strategies you can start bringing in more profits, more money, and more free time to enjoy.

  • What free marketing strategies can you integrate into your daily marketing plan?

Many business people say Social Networking (Social Media) is:

  • time-consuming
  • not sure where to put focus
  • how do you balance your time
  • it’s too confusing

You need to spend a minimum of 1-2 smart hours a day using free marketing:

— Narrow your marketing focus – pick five free marketing sites so you don’t spread yourself too thin. Start by focusing on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and marketing/submitting your articles. You are not going to be really effective unless your efforts are focused and you become an expert in these 5 areas – don’t let the other sites pull your attention away.

  • Start:¬†Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Your Article Marketing =

Utilize these five different marketing places – they are different categories.

  1. Facebook is biggest, professional and social networking site.
  2. LinkedIn is business networking site, here you are building business connections
  3. Twitter – is a micro-blog where you make short posts that instantly are shown to everyone who is following you and connecting
  4. YouTube as a video marketing site is very powerful
  5. Article marketing – free sites are where you post articles and people read your great content of valuable information of at least 400 words – people like what you read and go to your site

All five of these sites work exceptionally well – if you focus on these five areas you can build your business and marketing platform in these five places. Gain a following, online relationships and contacts to help you grow yourself and your business.

It doesn’t’ need to be time-consuming or confusing.

You do need to spend time keep up on your Social Networking sites – and continue to build relationships with people adding connections and posting everyday. Do one or two things each day to maintain that base.

– Facebook – check in about 6 times a day – spending 2-3 minutes each time building relationships with old friends and new acquaintances – help others get to know who you are (not selling your business here) – Also – have your blog and articles automatically post to Facebook as you submit (that is when you are giving valuable and helpful – to others – content information about your business),

– LinkedIn – Make comments and connect with 2-3 new business ‘links’ – take about 5-10 minutes a day. You can have your Twitter postings go here automatically, also.

– Twitter – Respond to and find new Twitter friends to add to your flock. Re-tweet good content and you’ll gain positive attention and hopefully some thank you notes. Let others know how your day is going, the weather, life – but, keep it positive. And, insert business updates.

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