Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

Small Business Online Marketing

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With the recession in full flow and more small businesses closing all the time, those that have survived this far are understandably keen to do everything they can to stay afloat. One key element to this is the use of the internet to cost effectively market whatever product or service is being offered.

The good news is that small business online marketing can be incredibly effective if done right and in my experience can produce the biggest bang for your buck possible in comparison to old-media types of advertising such as local newspapers or Yellow Pages adverts.

Indeed, once your online marketing campaign is up and running, if you have done it right, you should find that it continues to bring in business for you on a daily basis for month after month. Indeed, in our longest-term study to date, a website set up in 2003 to market a small business online still brings in revenue each month without having been touched since it’t initial launch.

Possibly the most productive online marketing you can do in terms of return on investment is to combine a well-built website with professional search engine optimization. This will lead to a website that is listed prominently in the search engines for terms that relate to your business, thus driving new potential customers to your door all day, every day. Your website acts then as a landing area for these people and convinces them to do business with you And as a result your bottom line benefits.

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