Fri. Sep 25th, 2020

What Is a Web Conference?

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Can you think of things you’d rather do than organize and attend seminars in order to sell your products?

Do you want to modernize your business model without having to become technologically advanced, a techno-geek? This article will tell you one way you can.

Ever heard of a webinar, a web meeting, video conferencing, or internet conferencing?

Even today many people haven’t so if you don’t know anything, that’s OK. A webinar is basically a seminar presented over the internet, or Web.Web seminars, web conferences and internet meetings are all synonyms for this relatively new technology and are used in sales and marketing applications, to influence potential customers as well as for training customers, clients, employees and affiliates.

Unlike webcasts, where the audience can only watch and listen, webinars are presentations where the members of the large audience can interact with the presenter via the internet or over the telephone. Hassle free and sleek!

A web meeting can be used for a variety of purposes – remote training and one- to-one meetings sharing details over their computer desktops. Hosting a web meeting requires some knowledge about the specific web conferencing service that coordinates the presenter and the audience’s computers for easy communication. If you are interested in keeping your business up-to-date with the latest technology, you will want to know more about the different features and benefits of web conferencing.

Once you understand how easy and inexpensive this method of communication is, you will want to present seminars using a web conferencing service rather than having to organize and travel to a physical conference or limit your effectiveness by presenting your product or service via a webcast.

As you learn more about web conferencing you will discover they are a rich and valuable resource. You may even wonder how you ever managed to get by without using one. Some of the features and benefits of web conferencing include; the ability to integrated telephone conferencing with an internet presentation for audio and visual seminars; the ability of the audience to view the presenter’s screen during live product demos; a continuous streaming video and scope for animated and interactive presentations; the ability to record and playback; the option of segregating the audience into subgroups to help them interact better; present questionnaires and polls to the audience and even manage question and answer sessions during the seminar. Each of these features can benefit your business and help you increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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